Sunday drivers
Blueberry pancakes
Summer rituals
Exploring the Berkshires
Hot summer days
Stop at the mailbox
Books from Amazon
First printed proofs
A year and a half
Intensive labor
A great team
Astrid, Amanda, and Leanne
Making it possible
Through grim adversity
Heart palpitations
Such an effort
Off to Astrid’s car
A new Subaru
Forester seemed ironic
In the woods
A verdant park
Off a country lane
Families having fun
She took a walk
Found a birch staff
Her favorite tree
I sat on a bench
By a gentle brook
Water flowed
Soft cooling breeze
Nestled in nature
Sat with my book
Gave it a look
She came back
Stayed a bit
Then wandered off again
A too rare day
Oasis of peace
While Kabul fell
Half a world away
Simple stillness
Ever harder to find
Treasuring accomplishments
Be what they may
Enjoying a glorious day