View from the Terrace
Early June evening
Overlooking formal gardens
The Mount
Berkshire home
Edith Wharton
Elegant setting
Steeped in literature
Ghosts roam the attic
Launch of my book
Shards of a Life
Gathering of friends
Making efforts
To be there
Neighbors from our loft
Members of the International Club
Benno and Jim
Who brought me here
Decades ago
Alice’s Breast Flaunt
Poets playwright artists
Ersatz Countess
Astrid and our dream team
Made it all possible
Fine food drink
Dialogue with Susan Wissler
Answering her questions
Interspersed with poems
My first ever reading
Lots of humor
Well received
Autographing books
My wrist froze up
Getting the word out
Finding readers
Not looking back
Age of Innocence
Lost under her roof
Turning the page
New chapters
To be shared


*Photo is Susan Wissler, director of the Mount, who hosted the launch of my first book.